Beard Transplantation

Beard transplantation and mustache transplantation are operations for people who have a loss of beard and mustache or who do not have a beard or mustache. Beard and mustache are an important part of the external appearance of men, like hair. It is the method we recommend to people who have a loss of beard or mustache due to testosterone hormone or who have a sparse appearance in a particular area. You can get a bearded look by having a beard transplantation operation.

FUE Beard Transplantation and Mustache Transplantation

FUE Beard and Mustache Transplantation Technique uses the micro FUE method similar to FUE Hair Transplantation Technique. The hair follicles between the two ears remaining in the back of your head are taken from the hair follicles one by one, in the absence of your beard or mustache or in areas where it is rare.

Micro FUE Beard and Mustache Transplantation operations are performed under local anesthesia. There is no serious pain or ache in the operation. After the operation of Micro FUE Beard and Mustache Transplantation, no wound or suture is seen in the process.

Stages of FUE Beard Transplantation and Mustache Transplantation

Consultation: First of all, the need for transplantation is determined by experts. Then, it is evaluated how many follicles (grafts) can be taken from donor area.

Operation: During the operation, transplantation is performed according to the direction of beard extension. In the operation, first follicles are taken from the donor site. Afterwards, hair follicles are transplanted in the area to be transplantation.

Dressing: Dressing is performed the next day of the operation. What to pay attention after transplantation is explained. How to do the washing is shown.

Beard Treatment and Mustache Transplantation are Applied to Who?

If the patient has a beard or mustache spillage due to testosterone hormone and the grafts in the donor area are sufficient, beard cultivation and mustache cultivation can be performed.

Result and Recovery

A week after the Beard and Mustache transplantation, scabs in the transplantation area are healed and regains its natural appearance. It takes 15 days for the donor area to recover and get normal appearance. After the beard and mustache transplantation, you can perform the procedures after hair transplantation. The expected result of beard or mustache transplantation is starts after 6 months. It is possible to see the exact result within 12-18 months.

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