Hair Mesotherapy

The usage aims of hair mesotherapy is as follows.

  • Prevent hair loss,
  • Improve the quality of existing hair
  • Activate the growth of new hair.

Hair mesotherapy is a period of treatment applied periodically.

How is Hair Mesotherapy Treatment Applied?

The selected drug mixtures are administered by injection into the skin in small doses regionally. Mesotherapy is a local treatment that is applied to the areas where your hair becomes thinner and thinner. Periodic application of mesotherapy is necessary. The most important feature of this method is to obtain effective results using small doses of drugs. The risk of side effects is very low.

What is Waiting For You After The Process Of Hair Mesotherapy?

After 4-5 weeks of the first application, the hair becomes alive again. After approximately six months, the spilled areas are revived and regained their normal structure. The continuity of hair mesotherapy applications at regular intervals is necessary for the results to be permanent.

Hair Mesotherapy is Applied to Who?

Hair skin mesotherapy treatment can be applied to people with the following indications.
It can be applied to people with male pattern hair loss, ie Androgenetic Alopecia. Early treatment is more effective in male patients.
It can also be applied to people seen with ringworm, in other words Alopecia areata.
It can be applied to women after giving birth.
It can be applied to people with general hair loss, ie people with Diffuse Alopecia. This type of loss is more common in women.
It can be applied to people with scalp diseases such as psoriasis, lichen, seborrheic dermatitis.

Hair Mesotherapy Does Not Recommended to Who?

Hair mesotherapy is not applied to pregnant women and breastfeeders, people with immunological diseases, people with cancer and diabetes and those who are treated with anticoagulants.

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