Hair Treatment with PRP

PRP is the separation of the plasma by a special process of blood after a certain amount of blood is taken from the person’s body. The plasma obtained from this process is very rich from the cells called “platelet”. Then this plasma is then returned to the body by injection. The main task of platelets in the body is to provide blood clotting. Platelets includes growth factors. Thanks to these growth factors, it has an important role in wound healing. PRP treatment, which is also used in the treatment of hair loss, is applied in a completely natural way without giving any foreign substances or drugs to the body.

150-200 strands hair loss per day is considered normal. If more than that, hair loss should be taken seriously. Successful results are obtained in hair treatment with PRP. It has been determined that the patients who had hair loss with PRP treatment had quite effective results. Hair mesotherapy and PRP application can be applied to people with genetic loss. There is no scars after PRP. After the PRP procedure, the person can continue his/her routine life immediately.

Hair treatment with PRP is applied on average every 15 days. This application usually takes 3-4 months. Since plasma is derived from the person’s own blood, there is no risk of allergy.

The purpose of PRP is to strengthen the hair and help prevent hair loss. PRP is applied as a supportive treatment for hair transplantation operations. PRP treatment is performed during or after the operation. PRP Therapy is preferred because it helps the tissues to heal quickly, prolong and strengthen the hair.

PRP Hair Treatment is Applied Who?

PRP Hair treatment can be applied to men and women who experience hair thinning or hair loss.

Treatment is performed in regular sessions. These sessions can be administered every 2 months or once every 3 months according to the needs of the person for 1 year. If a more intensive treatment program should be applied to the person, it can be applied together with hair mesotherapy. In cases where these two treatments are to be administered together, a 15-day period between the PRP and Hair Mesotherapy should be passed.

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